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The Cryptocurrency Investment Research Corporation (CIRCO) believes that five key components drive the crypto-market. The research methodology used for this report revolves around the following five components:


This process is the pinnacle of determining fair valuations, global correlations, and managing the risks of the crypto-market. This report provides comprehensive research on Bitcoin and some crypto-assets involving their technologies and the financial market. 

Quality Of Reading

Feel comfortable and confident with content that you can understand by breaking-down technical and complicated terminologies. 

Coverage & Forecast 

The performance is evaluated based on the previous 12 months and the possible performance in the upcoming 12 months.

Reduction Of Risk

We prioritize risk reduction first for the protection of investors by analyzing the possibilities, pitfalls, and potentials.

Types Of Perspective

All perspectives covered, including bullish, bearish, behind-the-scenes, theoretical, and more!

Topics & Types of Research

CIRCO is here to provide you with any type of research you need!